Family Biz Entertainment is a Chicago based Production team consisting of two main members Severe Garcia & Steven Black.  The production duo came together in 2005 both with a heavy passion for creating beautiful music at young ages, but when they formed FBE, they knew together they had formed something special.   By 2007, Family Biz Entertainment had produced a record for Atlantic Record artist Cupid (Song titled “Work), and have been moving forward ever since adding on artists and growing into a indie label from the humble beginnings of just a production team.  Early on, the team competed in various local beat battles before being accepted to compete in iStandard Producers & Red Bull Big Tune both in 2010.  At iStandard’s beat showcase, they amazed the crowd and producer judges such as “Buckwild”, Rsonist of The Heatmakerz and continued to create and also produce 4 songs on Rsonist’s first album “Sunday”.  iStandard allowed 20+ producers in Chicago compete for a chance to compete in the finals to be held in New York, and Family Biz Entertainment was one of the two producers selected.  Unfortunately they didn’t make the trip once they found out they were accepted to compete in Red Bull Big Tune in Detroit the very same time the iStandard finals was scheduled.  After choosing to compete in Red Bull Big Tune, it was known by both Garcia and Black that they could compete with the best of the best when it came to production.  MixedByBL was added to the Family Biz Entertainment roster officially as head engineer after receiving much praise for his engineering skills and the team really started to create even more magic.  By 2011, Family Biz had produced 3 records for Rapper Big Pooh (formerly of Little Brother) after 9th Wonder, Rapper Big Pooh, and Phonte all split as a group.  Rapper Big Pooh’s solo album titled “Dirty Pretty Things” was released and received much praise as Family Biz Entertainment was the producer behind the 1st single titled “Medicine Man”.  Family Biz also engineered the entire project and MixedByBL is credited for the mixing and mastering of the project.  Since then, Family Biz has been fine tuning they’re skills knowing that one day they will get they’re shot to work with the best of the best in the music industry.  Later in 2011 Family Biz Entertainment was accepted to compete in The Soundtrack Beat Battle in Nashville TN, and also did well impressing judges such as Kawan Prather & Symbolic One.  The praise from that battle is what convinced Family Biz to take the path to sign they’re own artists and show they could fully produce entire albums.  They signed artist’s Big City, Third Supreme, and Shakespear.  Severe Garcia and Third Supreme created a mixtape called “War On Garbage” that received great reviews in Jet Magazine, and Shakespear and Big City since have released solo projects that are available on itunes & Google Play.  Shakespear – I Give You Me, and Big City – My Struggle, My Glory both dropped in 2015.  The team has been consistently producing since 2005 and now with 10+ years of experience, they are ready to work with the best and fully put they’re stamp themselves as the industry’s elite.  The great thing about Family Biz is that Severe Garcia, Steven Black, and MixedByBL are all solo producers, but they collaborate and blend well with each other.  “I think we all bring something different to the table, and that’s why the people love our sound” says Garcia.  Black who was always musically inclined playing drums at the early age of 4 and Severe who picked up the hobby when his mom bought him a Casio keyboard at the early age of 5, it just seems they were destined to create music.  In High school, Black found a love for piano, and played tuba when he broke his hand in a football game for his High school (Hillcrest).  He also picked up on trombone and decided he wanted to be a musician or a music teacher.  All the time Severe went to the same school and started writing songs and freestyling while being heavily influenced by different genres.  When the two met, they would spend hours in Severe’s basement creating and honing they’re skills.  Little did they know, they were preparing to be one of the most respected up and coming production teams in Chicago.  The blend of the three make a very interesting sound as we encourage you to listen for yourselves.  “Severe was always a artist first, so he just seemed to know the way a emcee would want to have his beat to sound” says Black, while Severe says “Black was in band in high school and really has that musicianship element”.  And MixedByBL, well he’s a engineer first, so sonically he and Severe knew exactly how they wanted the music to hit you. “We know the game is 90% who you know, and even though through the local beat battles our name is known in Chicago, we’re just getting started” says Severe.  If you haven’t heard about Family Biz Entertainment, when you hear they’re production, you will be blown away.
Family Biz Entertainment Discography
  1. Cupid - Work “Time For A Change” (2007) Atlantic Records.
  2. Rsonist Of The Heatmakerz - Let Me Think “Sunday” (2011)
  3. Rsonist Of The Heatmakerz - Look At What You Did “Sunday” (2011)
  4. Rapper Big Pooh - Medicine Man “Dirty Pretty Things” (2011)
  5. Rapper Big Pooh - Put You On “Dirty Pretty Things” (2011)
  6. Rapper Big Pooh - Shout Em Outro “Dirty Pretty Things” (2011)
  7. Supremacy MMA (Video Game) - Killa EM (2011)
  8. Supremacy MMA (Video Game) - Lay Em Down (2011)